Our Tone

BOOM is where minimal and sophisticated come to face with high fashion. We orchestrate pieces that embody glamour and luxury but that are still accessible, real, and timeless in design.

The value in our brand is to ignite hidden flames by providing an avenue through fashion for which our customers can achieve optimal levels of confidence. We believe that if you look good, you feel great.

Our Designer

BOOM, the label originated in 2018 by Daiya, also known as BOOM.

By heart, she’s a confidence builder. In design, she has the ability to look at trending styles and formulate a mental blueprint. Her designs originate from silhouettes and third eye visions; you know, like what goes where and looks best in that place.

BOOM knows the kind of people she wants to dress and she’s seen her designs on them. Now, she is continuously working to manufacture those third eye visions into creative concepts that spell FASHION.


“Oh My God, this is so comfy!! I can definitely go out in this , you know other brands design things and it be cute but it’s never comfortable. This is cute and comfy!!”



“I can’t wait to wear the piece. It fits like a glove.”

-Maya Jourdan