About BOOM

Beginning in May 2018, BOOM, the label. has since hit the ground running aspiring to leave an unforgettable imprint in the fashion industry. The label can be easily identified by its first product, the SHEGO Track Runners. With its trendy athletic style, reflective piped accents, and florescent green color blocks, the track runners quickly set it off for BOOM grabbing the attention of the brand's local Instagram followers and many international consumers. 

BOOM, the label. LLC is an apparel brand created to design pieces that embody street wear and edgy styles. Each piece is constructed for the individual with the boldest attitude who dares to dress with freedom from expectations. Owned, operated, and founded by Daiya Lambert, also known as BOOM, the label aims to conquer and uplift the spirit of each supporter through rebellious fashion, giving you the confidence that you lack or adding fuel to your personal fire already ablaze. 

The message that BOOM promotes is self-assurance, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-possession. BOOM encourages all supporters to be aware of their true value and personal assets and to exude those qualities through expression of fashion. As you explore the label, look not for definition of yourself but for the essence of who you already are. Allow BOOM, the label. to be the quintessence of your wardrobe as you journey to greater personal heights!